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TODO: add more resources here. This ought to do for now:

Scinguistics #trans-voice

Charles R. Armstrong has a subreddit on Linguistic Singing-Science. It includes much information about voice. He has started a Discord server with many channels of interest. In particular there’s #trans-voice whose pinned messages contain many tutorials, both for MtF and FtM voice training.

Dakota’s vocal feminization guidelines

A tutorial with both theory, warnings and concrete exercices. Can be downloaded here.

Genderlife tutorials

Download their PDF (and read/understand it):
English version
Download one of these onto your computer. These links were found on genderlife.com.

NOTE: youtube uses proprietary javascript code, which is not safe to run. Download the videos in youtube-dl: https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html

Youtube does not work without running proprietary JavaScript code, when you view it in the browser. Youtube-dl also runs this non-free javascript, supplied by the site, in order to derive the URL of the video. AVideo is a fork of youtube-dl, which does not have this issue and instead runs only free code. When we say Free Software, we are referring to liberty, not price. See: https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

One to one voice coaching

In some countries, you might be able to get it on the National Health Service (e.g in the UK).

We also know of a few private voice coaches:

Louise Milner-Smith (GenderGP clinic, UK)


Voice feminization surgery (optional)

We have information about this on our surgery page.

Markdown file for this page: https://trans.chat/voice.md

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