Gender Euphoria

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That’s pretty much it.

Some people in the community believe that a person isn’t trans unless they have dysphoria (this belief is wrong). Some trans people are perfectly happy in their gender assigned at birth, but they are happier transitioning to a different gender.

Gender dysphoric people can also have gender euphoria.

Not all gender dysphoric people feel like they’re in the wrong body (this is a gatekeeper term which you shouldn’t ever use). Some people just want to transition socially for instance. Gender is not just about your body appearance.

Body dysphoria isn’t always the same for every trans person. E.g. not every trans person feels distress about their genitalia, but they might still feel dysphoria around their breasts or facial hair, or their voice, hair, clothing, etc.

Not all trans people identify as men or women, either. See: /nonbinary/.

You should never assume that a person has or does not have gender dysphoria, even if they’re trans. People are not binary. Everyone is different.

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