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Contrary to what some may believe, transgender people have existed throughout human history. We are a very underrepresented group of people, and we’ve mostly been ignored throughout history.

However, transgender people have been documented in one form or another, in most human cultures throughout history.

General history

Wikipedia has a page briefly documenting transgender history in various countries on earth:

This article is specifically about transgender history (the other article is about LGBT in general):


A Pre-Prepared Response to Today’s Transphobia

Detransition, Desistance and Disinformation: trans children

From Julia Serano, the same person who wrote Whipping Girl (which we recommend you read), this article debunks some of the common claims made about people who detransition. A very small number (about 2% or less) of trans people decide to detransition for one reason or another, and this is often used by gatekeepers to rationalise restricting access to trans healthcare services. This article attempts to shoot a bullet through that argument.

It’s a very good article (though not as long as Whipping Girl) and covers a lot of history about the gatekeeping model in trans healthcare (which still exists today) and the conversion therapy or gender-reparative therapy that gatekeepers used to use on children (and still do, in some countries) to try to force them to live as cis people.

It’s a very good read.

A study on the history of gender-segregated bathrooms - it’s worth a read.

One gene keeps Mickey from turning into Minnie

An article about how genetic engineering could be used instead of HRT, in the future. This is still experimental.

Resource for transgender children in schools (UK)

Useful resources for children (UK residents).

We’ve been around: a history of trans people

Video series about trans people in history: - if you get region restricted, use Tor Browser Bundle to view it and keep switching Tor Circuits via Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut until you get a working video stream. The site works well if your browser looks like it comes from inside North America.

Trans Expression in Ancient Times

A collection of articles about how trans people lived in past cultures.

Having sex with trans woman, and not being an asshole

Pun not intended.

Trans women are often fetishized, especially in pornographic media. There is a lot of transphobia surrounding the topic. This article attempts to attack and reverse some of the damage done, by providing a howto on basically how to be a decent human being who treats people, including trans women, with the respect that they deserve. - this is an article about what not to do when having sex with a trans woman.

LGBT youth list of transgender resources

Feminism 101: A Crash Course

A video explaining key feminist concepts.

Geek feminism also has an article about intersectionality, which is briefly covered in the video. A more in depth history of the term is covered on this Wikipedia article - and this article - and this one

Not Your Mom’s Trans 101

An excellent teardown on the gender binary, and why it doesn’t exist.

Video explaining 3 reasons why non-binary people exist

Very good video.

Video explaining what intersex means

Also a good video. It’s simply not true that sex can be male or female; intersex people exist too. Doctors decide sex and gender based on genitalia.

These articles are also interesting (related to intersex conditions):

This article attempts to uncover some statistics behind the numbers of intersex people in society:

Difference between bisexual and pansexual

Most people use the terms interchangeably, but there are differences.

stuff pansexuals need to know

Also, see the article above about differences between pan and bi.

Ace/Aro (asexual/aromantic)

Difference between aromantic and asexual

Under the Ace Umbrella: Demisexuality and Gray-asexuality

Census study of third gender citizens in India

Other trans groups

This list is by no means complete.

Find a local trans group near you (online or offline):

Trans Unite at provides an updated list of support groups, and information sites. It serves as an index, allowing people to find local groups.

It is also attempting to index online groups.


Increasing self-esteem

Many trans people suffer low self-esteem, especially in the early days of their transition, or pre-transition, and especially if they have more severe body dysphoria. They can feel like they hate themselves, that they are worthless, that they can’t make decisions, guilty for taking good care of themselves, etc and would generally have low confidence.

The UK mental health charity called Mind has a guide on their website: how to increase your self-esteem

Sex education for trans women

Sex education booklet for trans women that focuses in the UK but is still relevant for everyone

Sex education booklet for trans men that focuses in the UK but is still relevant for everyone

Sex education for gay trans men (trans men into men)

Sex education booklet for trans youth

Sex education bbook for trans people including non binary people (called gender non-conforming people in the book)

FTM Sex Talk (Q&A about trans men)

Blog of an intersex man who was AMAB and socialized as a woman before he transitionined

Open Source Gender Codes

Project for home-grown HRT, to tell people how to synthesize their own HRT.

This is an info/support site (not run by TransChat) dedicated exclusively to non-binary trans people.

Go to Nonbinary wiki

Pink News transgender news section

Go to

YouTube channels (trans women)

These YouTube channels contain videos documenting experiences of the trans women who run these channels. Some of the videos contain a lot of useful info. Check it out:

Jessica Tiffany’s vlog (also has videos about dilation for vaginoplasty/genital surgery. Worth watching)

Violet’s vlog (contains a lot of useful information, and a very good tutorial for how to tuck)

European Union


News site for trans issues in the whole of the European Union and Europe in general.

Go to

United States

Casa Ruby (Washington DC)

Provides refuge/housing to homeless trans people in the DC area.

Go to


Transgender Equality Network Ireland

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans people and their families.

United Kingdom

Press for Change

Useful legal advice for trans people.

Go to

Action for Trans Health

Campaign group for trans rights in the UK.

Go to


Sexual health clinic, also provides blood tests and advice on hormone treatment. This might be useful for people who self-medicate

LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT support group for people in Scotland. They also cover transgender people.

Go to

They have an advice section, which contains a lot of useful information, which the TransChat site also links to in a few places, for various topics:

T on Tuesday (London, UK) - see T on Tuesday on that page for their trans support group. It is friendly towards non-binary people.

Trans London (London, UK) - support group.

Note: their homepage says whatever their gender identity (or identities) but a Google site search reveals that they mostly cover information for trans women. We’ve yet to visit this group in person, to see how good they are. They may be good, though, for people living in London.

Transpire (Southend-on-sea, UK)

Transgender support group in the Southend area, with regular meetings. This is a volunteer based organisation, so if you think you can help them, please don’t hesitate to get involved!

Go to


Being trans is not a mental health condition, but a lot of trans people suffer mental health conditions, for various reasons (e.g. unemployment, discrimination, bullying, general stress, etc). Mind is a mental health charity, designed to help people with who are functionally diverse.
Go to

Terrence Higgins Trust

Sexual health charity, especially around topics like HIV prevention. It’s generally for the LGBT community as a whole, but has sections relevant to trans people:

Their main site is at

GIRES - Gender Identity Research and Education Society

From their homepage: GIRES’ purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people, including those who are non-binary and non-gender.

GIRES is a volunteer-based charity that helps trans people cope with and improve their lives, to the point where they are happy in their transition.

They also campaign for changes in laws and lobby the government, for improved trans rights in the UK, especially in healthcare provision. They are funded by membership and other donations.

They also provide sessions, to help educate people about trans issues, and in general try to spread awareness.

Go to

They also have links to other support organisations throughout the country, on their site:

The Beaumont Society

The Beaumont Society provides general support and advice to the transgender community, including trans people and their loved ones.

They also, like GIRES, take part in campaigns to help spread awareness and bring about positive social change for the trans community.

Go to


Another support organisation. Go to

They also have links to other support organisations throughout the country, on their site:

Mermaids UK (children)

Support for transgender children and young people in general.

Go to

Gendered Intelligence

Support for transgender children and young people in general.

Go to


Amplos (Oporto and Lisbon, Portugal)

Support group for families of LGBT people and they fight for LGBT rights. They are trans inclusive. They have meetings in Oporto and Lisbon and they can also try to help parents who aren’t entirely sure how to deal with their kids coming out. Go to

ILGA Portugal

They have a few trans resources:

Gender Identity Bill (Portugal)

This document basically states the bureaucratic process of transitioning in Portugal.

Catcalling in Portugal is illegal

This article talks about how in 2015 a law passed that criminalized catcalling in Portugal (this might protect any person seen as a woman by society, idenpendentely of their gender identity in public):

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